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you this live. president obama right there live just about to leave israel. heading to jordan. he's at the airport in tel aviv. he just spent 20 minutes meeting with benjamin netanyahu. the president is about to leave israel. heading to jordan. we'll have all the details coming up. >>> let's go back over to sal as we get closer to 7:00. >> we are looking at the toll plaza. there is a little bit of a wave here pam and dave westbound. it's not bad. if you are driving in san jose, southbound 280 we have the two right lanes closed. now to bill. >>> we are looking at temperatures today. they will be warmer than yesterday. that is a good thing. we'll see temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. current numbers outside low 40s. it will be a nice looking 24 hours when i get back on mornings on 2 at 7:00 we will show you the five-day forecast and the next chance for rain. >>> coming up on mornings on 2 the big story we've been telling you about is a deadly hit and run accident on a san jose freeway. >>> developing news in marin county. a rock slid
are increasingly dictated by a small, hard-right minority. obama can't relate to that! [laughter] and if you need more proof that the president is no friend of israel, just do the math: back in 2007, president bush supported israel with $2.3 billion in foreign military aid. this year, president obama wants to bring that down to just $3.1 billion. [laughter] i know, it looks like it's going up, but remember, in hebrew you read charts from right to left. [cheers and applause] all right? [cheers and applause] and our worst fears about obama were confirmed when he appointed as secretary of defense former senator and man who just learned his dog died-- chuck hagel. [laughter] hagel has a history of troubling statements. he once said the jewy lobby intimidate dates a lot people and i'm not an israeli senator i'm a united states senator. clearly this man doesn't understand that when it comes to israel, there are certain things you can't say. for instance, implying that there are certain things you can't say. which there aren't. you can say anything you want about israel, which i would, if there was anyt
this live. president obama right there live just about to leave israel. heading to jordan. he's at the airport in tel aviv. he just spent 20 minutes meeting with benjamin netanyahu. the president is about to leave israel. heading to jordan. we'll have all the details coming up. >>> let's go back over to sal as we get closer to 7:00. >> we are looking at the toll plaza. there is a little bit of a wave here pam and dave westbound. it's not bad. if you are driving in san jose, southbound 280 we have the two right lanes closed. now to bill. >>> we are looking at temperatures today. they will be warmer than yesterday. that is a good thing. we'll see temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. current numbers outside low 40s. it will be a nice looking 24 hours when i get back on mornings on 2 at 7:00 we will show you the five-day forecast and the next chance for rain. >>> coming up on mornings on 2 the big story we've been telling you about is a deadly hit and run accident on a san jose freeway. >>> developing news in marin county. a rock slide causing big problems for drivers heading to t
national secrets with israel. president obama joked the interruption made him feel right at home. but obama's whole trip raises a question. is the u.s.-israeli alliance stronger or weaker during his leadership? what do you think? weigh in or tweet us. thanks for watching abc news. next, overnight breaking news. check in with "good morning america." they're working while you're sleeping. we'll see you here tomorrow.
. that are underlining that although they do have concerns, they are supporting him. >> all right, thank you very much. >> on day two of president barack obama's diplomatic tour to the middle east, he met with palestinian officials in the west bank to emphasize the importance of reaching an israeli-palestinian peace deal, but the difficulty of the mission was underscored by a rocket attack in southern israel by palestinian militants in gaza. >> thursday afternoon, he received a standing ovation from the israeli audience after proclaiming his support for an independent palestinian state alongside a jewish won. >> obama also made it clear that u.s. support for israel is not unconditional, saying to settlements are preventing peace. we have more from jerusalem. >> the main auditorium in jerusalem was packed. hundreds of israelis came to hear the u.s. president speak. obama step to the key message of his visit. >> i believe that peace is the only path to true security. the only way for israel to enter and thrive as a jewish and democratic state is through the realization of an independent and viable pales
wish i had one. stick around for this story. it's amazing. >> all right. >>> first though obama care is on the move. is your state one of the 26 that failed to meet obama care deadlines? plus, have you heard the buzz over american eagle's spray-on skinny jeans? it may be the ultimate man cave, bill. 7,000 square feet of space. oh, yeah. this is for the man in your life and it is for sale. "early today" is back in two. >>> welcome back to "early today." here are stories making news this morning. a new report says republican leaders in as many as 26 states are failing to make obamacare deadlines to connect uninsured residents to coverage. if states don't act the federal government will step in. >>> there is a bill legalizing same sex civil unions that makes colorado the 18th state to allow some form of unions for same sex couples. >>> talk about being in the right place at the right time. a man in australia saved the life of a 2-year-old girl when he performed cpr on her at a supermarket. the baby's mother screamed for help when the toddler stopped breathing in the checkout lane. thank
. president obama wants the assistant attorney general for the justice department's civil rights division, thomas perez to be the next secretary of labor. mr. perez is seen by some to be a racial activist. here now to explain attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. you are actually covering this on your show. >> yeah. >> bill: that's high brow. >> we do some news on the news show. >> bill: nobody cares about the secretary of labor. most people don't care and i don't blame them. i don't care either. however, however, this appointment that president obama wants to make, this could be very telling about president obama. >> yeah. >> bill: tell me about perez. >> president obama's critics have been saying this sun necessarily divisive this choice. it would be hard to get somebody farther to the left than mr. perez and already some senators are threatening to try to block his confirmation because they believe he has been as one critic put it as quote a radical's radical. the deal with -- look, perez he went to harvard law school. he has experience in labor at the department of labor from mary
a right to be a free people in their own land. >> mr. obama also stressed the unbreakable alliance between israel and the utsz. >> make no mistake, those who adhere to the ideologically of rejecting israel's right to exist, they might as well reject the earth beneath them or the sky above because israel's not going anywhere. today, i want to tell you, particularly the young people, so that there's no mistake here, so long as there is a united states of america, [ speaking foreign language ] . you are not alone. >> the speech was reminiscent of remarks the president gave in cairo in 2009, something mr. obama himself took note of. >> four years ago i stood in cairo in front of an audience of young people politically, religiously, they must seem a world away. but the things they want, they're not so different from what the young people here want. they want the ability to make their own decisions and get an education and get a good job and worship god in their own way, to get married, raise family. the same is true of those young palestinians i met with this morning. the same is true for young
president obama returns home. uma: right now we're not seeing in i major moves in the direction to assure the world, the united states, people here who are saying we need to be stronger in our support of israel, especially when it comes to iran. words are not enough. this is simply just rhetoric. we've heard it before. >> right, uma. i think that is exactly right. that is the concern of israeli leaders and israeli public despite this charm offensive. reality in terms of iranian nuclear physics the physics is beating western economic pressure and diplomacy. iranians are 15 months away from undetectable in nuclear bomb. in 15 months time based on our estimates the iranians will produce enough fissile materiel to dash a bomb so quickly it will not be automobile to be detected by u.n. weapons inspectors and u.s. intelligence service that. is real concern that is the issue prime minister netanyahu and president obama have to agree. uma: on issue of syria, chemical weapons, what are the thoughts at this moment? is there viable evidence to say those weapons have actually been used? >> certainly
city at 3.6. that brings you to 53%, put on that obama care -- >> right. >> 3.6 or 3.8 -- >> yeah. >> another tax. you're talking about 56.8% of your income going right to the government. 56.8%. >> i talked to an accountant today who says his clients say, tell mel what my rate is this year, tell me what i'm spending on taxes compared to last year. people have woken up to this. and, look, whether we're going to see a massive tax flight, if wealth is going to flee the states, we don't know. but for the first time, the wealthy are feeling like, you know what, what is my pain threshold here, it may be too much. >> absolutely. it's really interesting to see bill maher talk about it. i may have to start watching bill maher again. >> that's huge. >> thank you, robert. >> thank you. >> robert frank. >>> is michael getting dell? the answer will come soon, as competitors only have until midnight tonight to submit higher builds for the computer maker. now the maker has reportedly gotten interest from carl icahn and blackstone. so, will michael dell's offer be enough and will shareholders app
to and see what you're missing. >> all right. so remember back in 2009, president obama's team wouldn't allow him to stand in front of a quote, religious symbol when he gave a speech at georgetown university, you're laughing. because they said they wanted a neutral background. to remedy the situation they covered up the cross that would have appeared directly behind him. our commander-in-chief today standing under a banner showing the yasser arafat, known terrorist. joining me now with reaction is former new york city mayor rudy guiliani. 18 years ago you had an experience with yasser arafat. >> 18 years ago i threw yasser arafat out of a concert at avery fisher hall. he was specifically not invited, we didn't want to invite dictators, terrorists murderers to the concert. he had a ticket from somebody and i had my chief of staff throw him out and it was on the front page. new york times bitterly ca castigated me for showing disrespect. when i was a u.s. attorney i investigated him for the murder of leon kinghoffer, he ordered the murder of a man in a wheelchair thrown into the
had a right to say what she said about president obama he's the only one that could bring up the king's life style. first of all, i don't criticize presidents on small matters. second the congresswoman had a perfect right to bring up the president's life style and we offered her a segment on "the factor" in which to do so, but she declined. saying, houston, texas, pointing out incongruity, a man who hectors on that shared sacrifice. that nailed it. and woodlands, texas, and beckel was right, reid was talking about future cutbacks, and as i pointed out the word future was not used by reid. and beckel's blatant misinterpretation of reid's comments was shocking. >> echo segment with kirsten powers last week over the meaning of specific spending cuts. it illustrates difficulty of debating any issue with the left and put that in with colmes. and brooklyn, new york, as a greek american i can tell you why greece does not like the usa, it's a nanny state and looking for american aid while hanging out at coffee m shops al day. it's interesting because there are a lot of greek americans in new
. update you on any developments from the conference by president obama and king abdullah. >>> all right, the national rifle association is taking its fight against tighter gun control laws to court. the nra's new york state affiliate has filed a federal lawsuit challenging a gun control law signed by governor andrew cuomo in january. it strengthens the state's ban on assault weapons, limits ammunition magazines to seven bullets and tightens rules designed to keep the mentally ill from getting weapons. the nra says the state passed the measure with no committee hearing and no public input. >>> john lennon's widow is using social media to take aim at gun violence. yoko ono tweeted this picture along with several pictures including this one promptly retweeted by president obama's twitter account. it proclaims "over 1 million 57,000 people have been killed by guns in the u.s. since john lennon was shot and killed on 8 december 1980. >>> and just a few days after two teens in steubenville, ohio, were convicted of rape, another rape case involving teens is drawing a whole lot of attention bec
obama, only three states permit drivers licenses for illegal immigrants but as many as 40 states are now interpreting the deferred deportation order to confer that right day make moves to pass that into law as the executive order or a change as a result of the deportation order it is a startling trend or attention is not brought to either. now let's turn to the export -- expert witness what you make of this man? has he destroyed single-handedly whenever there was for the defense? >> he tries to find any reasonable doubt and says there is a possibility there is a psychological disorder so they could find her not guilty of premeditated murders and he is there to get a juror to think maybe there is a psychological issue we cannot grasp, he is the expert and we should rely on him cement she puts forward a self-defense claim but testifying over 18-- she never said the words you need to say with self-defense and actually said she was not in favor -- in fear. said now they bring in the expert that she is sufferingg3 from posttraumatic stress disorder so when he moved a certain way she had that
to be president. president obama gets to be president. right? and the reason he gets to be president is because he won a majority of not only the electoral college, which is sufficient, but also the popular vote. >> he would have won more if they had teamed up. >> i'm telling you, there's two or three states i'm certain we could have given over. >> right. >> look, i am convinced that part of what we're seeing now in the republican party is a kind of -- like they were so sure that they could not change the minds of voters but suppress voters from having an opportunity to put their own opinions on those ballots that they are at a loss because they didn't know what to do on the other side if they were going to lose. we really saw that shock from republican operatives on election night. >> we saw the meltdown of rove on fox. >> right. >> you know, e.j., when you look at rnc chairman priebus and he's saying republicans are going to start reaching out more to african-americans, listen to this. >> you've got a party that hasn't been deep enough in the communities on a permanent basis. we're going to go h
to the ideology of rejecting israel's right to exist that might as well reject the earth beneath them are the sky above because israel is not going anywhere. @%pplause] lou: president obama speaking to students in jerusalem today shortly after a trip to the west bank with joint press conference or a joint press conference with palestinian president where he urged t palestine national authority come back to the bargaining table. president obama insisted both sides is our peas and both sides will need to make concessions for any sort of lasting peace to exist in suggesting the framework of t deal is already before them. >> if we can get direct negotiations started again i believe that the shape of a potential deal is there. lou: president obama recognizing the obstacles in the way of any 2-state solution, asking both nations not to fall back on all political pitions and demands and to face the reality that some tough compromises have to be mad by both parties. >> i think it is difficult, frankly, because sometimes even though we know what compromises have tbe made in order to achieve these, is hard
of modern terrorism. so why is president obama giving a speech right below yasser arafat? geraldo rivera has got an opinion on this thing and he joins us live shortly. >> brian: he knew yasser arafat and he was a friend of his. >> steve: yes, sir. >> brian: we're running out of funny music. let me continue to read. can your two-year-old do this? >> what does george washington say? >> i cannot tell a lie. >> what does abraham lincoln say? >> four score and seven years ago. >> what does nixon say? >> i'm not a crook. >> what does truman say? >> the buck stops here. >> what does ronald reagan say? >> brian: question cut him -- we cut him off before van buren. he's taking the internet by storm and hopefully your dinner table tonight. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: i wonder what goes on around their kitchen table that the kid picks that up at age two. >> brian: he's got an aptitude for social security. i heard math. but that's incredible. you know what parents are thinking, what's wrong with my kid? instead of enjoying that, they're saying why can't my kid do that. >> steve: coming up, not
. >> totally hands on. >> man of the people. >>> all right. president barack obama wrapping up his trip to israel and visiting another important u.s. ally in the region. >> very important ally. he's meeting right now with jordan's king abdullah. jordan's a key military and intelligence partner of the u.s. we're listening in to the news conference that is expected to begin soon. and we'll bring you the latest developme development. >> earlier today the president visited cultural and religious sites in the west bank town of b be bethlehem. >> the memorial is a reminder of the horror, but also a symbol of hope. >> here alongside man's capacity for evil we are also reminded of man's capacity for good. the rescuers righteous among nations who refuse to be bystanders and no lacks of courage we see how this place, this accounting of horror is in the end a source of hope. for here we learn that we are never powerless. in our lives we always have choices. to succumb to our worst insti t instincts or summon the angels for our better nature. >> it's the last stop on the trip. >> jordan is a close
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by jim demint in 2008 and as soon as president obama took it up, they turned on it right there. the power the president has decide writing republicans will be that next day or next week or next month is enormous and deeply depressing. >> i feel like looking at freudian slips in social policies or policies that aren't as central to their agenda in washington is actually an important window into them not really being invested into policy at all. i think the republican party is really going to reinvent itself, messa messaging isn't the key part of it. being rooted in policies for the country. >> ezra, msnbc analyst, thank you. >> thanks. >>> president obama gave a big, very highly anticipated speech in jerusalem today. while he was in jerusalem he got a major award. the way the american news media covered that moment will be the most amazing picture you see today. that is next. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on s
corps. the chap lanes providing counseling for the marines on the base right now. >> katie marzullo, thank you. president obama is wrapping up a three-day trip to israel with several symbolic stops in the battled country and paid respects to the heroes, and victims of the holocaust reaffirming the jewish state right to exist. he laid a wreath at the grave of former israeli prime minister rabin who was assassinated in 1995 and at the grave of the founder of modern zionism who died in 1904 before realizing his dream of a jewish holy land. the president toured israel's memorial urging action against racism and antisemetism. >> here we see their faces and we hear their voices, we look upon the objects of their lives, the art they created, the prayer books they carried. we see that even as they had hate etched in their arms they were not numbers, they were men and women and children. >> during the trip, president obama vowed unwaivering support if israel and appealed for new peace talks with the palestinians. the final stop is if jordan. >> hundreds remember a 16-year-old musician camed
, which is a sig-alert. >> 6:15, day they of president obama's trip to the middle east and right now the president is getting ready to leave israel and head to jordan. this is a look at air force one from the airport in tel aviv. abc7 news reporter is following the president's trip from washington, dc and joins us, live. ait has been a busy and historic three days for president obama in the middle east. he concluded a meeting in bethlehem and the place of birth of jesus. he held final meetings with the israelis and palestinians. >> on the final day in israel, he paid tribute to the history of the jewish people laying wreaths at graves israeli cultural icons and preparing victims of the holocaust. >> they were men and women and children, so many children, send to their deaths because of would they were, how they prayed or who they loved. >> the trip has been rich with symbolism reaffirming the allowance in a send off toast with israeli leaders. >> in a speech to israeli college students the president tried to rekindle hope that peace with palestinians is possible. >> as political lead
do it. make your mark with ink from chase. >>> i'm craig melvin. here's what's happening right now. president obama says his administration and congress are working to provide $200 million in additional aid to jordan. that money will help humanitarian assistance to hundreds and thousands of refugees within the borders. >>> the faa says it will close about 150 traffic control towers because of budget cuts. >>> and investigators are working to determine whether the man killed at a texas shootout is related to the killing of colorado's prison chief and two others. back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." allow your mind to wander back to 2012, the republican primaries, and imagine mitt romney facing a right wing duo or duet of newt gingrich and rick santorum running together on anyone but romney ticket. could could he have won with that crowd double-teaming him? they actually held tucks together about joining forces and running on a ticket. they couldn't decide, this is the funny part on who would be the presidential candidate and the vice presidential candidate. so then th
. alex, what's been the overall reaction to the visit? all right. >> reporter: good morning, john, good morning, diana. there have been two very distinct reactions. on the israeli side for starters i don't think it could have gone any better. many israelis viewed obama with some suspicion, but he's really won them over with his actions in recent days and particularly his speech here in jerusalem yesterday. here you can see the front page of one of the main israeli daily newspapers that says -- [ speaking a foreign language ] -- "you are not alone," one of the lines from his speech yesterday, which he won widespread praise for, and i think it's safe to say that in the coming days, you'll see a public opinion spike among israelis in the coming days and weeks. now, on the palestinian side, it was the polar opposite, deep frustration, deep disappointment, anger over the fact that president obama didn't call for a halt to israeli settlements in the west bank, which palestinians see as the main obstacle of peace. they don't feel that he did anything to advance the cause of palestinian stateho
you're right. the problem is, when obama talked about the fundamental transformation of the nation this is what he meant. he went after the four main pillars of the u.s. economy, industrial base, financial sector, energy sector, and health care. once you remake those parts of the economy into a socialist model, it's very tough to unravel. very tough to unwrap the tentacles of redistribution is him. then i start to do it with the medical device repeal the we just saw yesterday. they might start to pick at a little bit. and telling you, this is so big and so comprehensive and so deeply ingrained in our economy, it's going to be difficult to one vote -- on wind. we need strong leader second elected. stuart: bottom line, it's very difficult to take back what you have given the lesson from england, know a lot about this, politicize medical coverage, politicize the medical system so that if someone is not given the treatment that think they're going to get the appeal directly to the politicians who then have to respond on the treatment of this individual. i remember tony blair in questio
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. and that is you're 5 at 5:30. >> you can't blame them, right? >> nope. >> it is day three of president obama's first trip to israel since he has become president. he visited official memorial for holocaust victims just a short time ago. doug is following everything. he is live for us in washington with more. hi there, doug. >> good morning. the white house has gone to great lengths to lower expectations for this trip. the president did make news on iran and new push for middle east peace. earlier this morning the president placed a stone at the grave of former israeli prime minister rabin. this has been a trip steeped in symbolism emphasizing u.s. support for israel and offering tough talk about iran's nuclear ambitions. >> as a president i said all options are on the table for achieving our objectives. america will do what we must to prevent a nuclear armed iran. president's stop in israel protest and anger over failure to achieve a middle east peace agreement. the president did call on both israeli and palestinian leaders to return to the negotiating table without preconditions. including
involvement. >> that's the thing. that's right. i just want to go with this. i'm in a very great mood tonight. president obama speaking to republicans at dinner at that posh jefferson hotel and also speaking to the republican caucus said basically that he would go to work on some entitlement reform. senator shaheen i'll direct this to you. regarding cost of living adjustments, regarding means testing, regarding eligibility. the president said he would put that on the table. i'll give him credit for that. why don't we take it up on that. senate democrats are opposed to any entitlement reform from what i gather. you all are way to the left of president obama and i believe the senate democratic caucus is a huge barrier to the kind of entitlement reform that mr. corker and frankly president obama are talking about. >> senator corker and i certainly agree on the fact that one of the best things we can do is come up with a long term plan to deal with this country's debt and deficit, but one that also allows us to grow the economy in the meantime and obviously i've said all along we got to look at a
in the jerusalem post entitled how would obama's speech. reads in part. obama delivered a potent plea to the israeli people to continue to work for peace, saying that not only was it the right just the thing to do it was the smart thing to do but one must question whether his chosen audience was indeed the one that needed convincing. >> josh, very moving words by the president in israeli. >> yeah, it was. to get a standing ovation in israel from young jews calling for a palestinian state is an achievement. >> mike, what did you think? >> strong day for the president. strong two days for the president in israel. not much in terms of specific policy, but his presentation to various audiences and the things that he said to the various audiences and to the world were very powerful messages. >> sam, this is a president that threw out much of his first term. wi was not trusted by a large number of israel people. look at ti looking at the speeches and events he did yesterday, i suspect that is not the case for much of his second term. he is engaged in the way he hasn't been engaged in israel
, you do know in february trees don't have leaves, right? >> dammit! [laughter] >> jon: stay safe, tree. +h >> jon: welcome back, everybody. as many pundits will tell you the obama administration is a fascist, socialist marxist dictatorship from which there can be no escape other than death. or is there another way out? jessica williams has more. >> with the divisive election behind us america's citizens are moving past partisan talking points to engage in a reasonable discussion of -- >> i hate the united states government. >> really? >> yes ma'am. >> why? >> because they are trying to oppress us. the united states government is retiring. >> right, okay. >> so apparently in texas people like larry and lynn are tired of living under the jackboot of a democratically elected government hell bent on stripping them of freedoms they hold dear. >> one of the things that texas is loves, you can still talk -- allows, you can still talk on the cell phone and text while you are driving. >> really? >> yes, that's how much freedom texans want to keep. >> and if we can't even decide on things like t
into the law. but the vote was nonbinding and symbolic. much like the rest of the attempts to repeal obama care. wolf? >> jim acosta, with that let's dig a little bit deeper in our strategy session right now. joining us two cnn contributors the former obama special adviser van jones and former bush speechwriter david frum. here is what it would take to repeal obama care. you understand this completely. maybe they could do it in the house where the republicans have a majority but in the senate you would need 60 votes. even if they got 60 votes, the president would veto that legislation. you need two-thirds overrides in both houses to override a presidential veto. you would need 67 votes in the senate. and that's not happening. >> that's not happening. the republicans are motivated i think by two concerns. the first is this is a very narled statute heading toward a lot of trouble that the financing mechanisms are inadequate. and what we're going to see is it is going to offer very per verse incentives to people to game the system. the subsidies aren't sufficient to cover the cost of health insura
reality a dream. >>> right now on "andrea mitchell reports" -- president obama is in jordan for the final stop on his middle east tour. the focus today, the flood of refugees escaping the civil war in neighboring syria. before arriving in jordan, the president spent the morning touring some of the region's cultural landmarks, including the graves of theodore hertzel, the father of modern zionism and yi itzak rabin. >> this accounting of horror is yet a source of hope. for here we learn we are never powerless, in our lives we always have choices, to succomb to our worst instincts or submit to the better angels of our nature. >>> at home, background checks are in, where is the senate gun bill headed now. in three years after the landmark health care law, republicans still refuse give up the fight. >>> let's repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. >> coming up, health and human services kathleen sebelius, with a reality check on where the law stands today. >>> and new jersey's tough-talking governor faces a tough crowd of his own, a class f
? that was my idea. with the right soil... everyone grows with miracle-gro. >>> i'm toure of tgic. thank goodness it is "the cycle." president obama meets the so-called modern king. is this the end of america's reign on the world stage? >> i'm sitting in for toure's book. that is the last time we're going to mention it today. >> no, it's not. >> boom! i have to till, i can get used to this. that's my kind of humor. >> i'll be laughing all the way to the bank. see what i did there? we were talking about humor. we're going to show you how to tip the odds in your favor on everything from the stock market to your week on the tennis court. game, set, match. "the cycle" starts right now. >> don't get used to it. from peace talks to syria, president obama's wrapping up his mideast tour. this is actually really cool. we were looking at this map before the show. this is cool. president obama is out of israel and spending the night in jordan. he arrived this morning. abdullah is the region's most pro american leader. he survived the arab spring with few scars while watching the others fall. the at
. >> you're e-mail box is going to fly off the wall. >> and the first e-mail is from me. >> all right. moving on. on the eve of obama care's third anniversary, passed basically this day three years ago, health insurers are warning that premiums for individuals and small businesses could rise sharply as a result of the health care overhaul. simon, should we be surprised? >> i was going to say is that real a surprise? premiums might go up. i would also say the more that i learn about the health care insurers in this country in detail the less sympathy i have for you. they would tell you white was black if they thought you could make an extra buck out of it. >> jane wells. >> see if the premiums really do go up that much and here's people will do, will pay the penalty and i was researching what happens if you say forget, it i'm not going to pay the penalty either. they can't put a lean on your house and can't throw you in jail so i'm anxious to see if america says, you know what? i'm not paying for the health care and i'm not paying the penalty. come get me. >> the reason the premiums go
the congresswoman's spokesman. how does she back up her claims? >> reporter: that's right. let me just answer that by reading you the statement and the statement is from her spokesman. he says obama care is forcing doctors into the employ of cost-cutting hospitals, gives government the authority to determine services that will and will not be covered, has a board independent of congress that can cut payments for care and allows the secretary of health and human services to force all health plans to eliminate any doctor that doesn't practice medicine the government's way. the history of government-run health care systems around the world is a history of denial, delay and sadly, even death. anderson, i notice that she responded not long after the democratic campaign committee which is in charge of getting rid of republicans, of defeating them in elections, put out a press release blasting her, saying she would rather be in washington as a right wing celebrity than solving problems back in minnesota for minnesota's middle class. remember, she got a scare back in november. her election, her congr
, do it a jedi mind meld with these folks and convince them to do what is right. >> how much more money do we want toll steal from the american people to fund more government? >> jon: did you see what happened there? obama's messup was he confused the star weeks jedi mind trick with the star trek vulcan mind meld two completely different things. john boehner referred to taxation as theft which shows that the lacks understand of constitution which was is he in charge. i wonder which gets more attention. >> president obama getting the wrath of sci-fi fans. >> saying there was no jedi mind meld. >> the president seemed to confuse the mind meld with star wars jedi mind trick. this is jedi saj relidge. >> did he mess up, didn't he? >> jon: speaker of the house said taxing people stealing. if there's ever a fact you don't need to check it's anything to do with star wars or star trek iflt will be check. here is a shot of twitter's server one second after obama said it. >> do a jedi mind meld. [explosion] [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> jon: but -- they really have to fix that flaw in the d
is not popular with everyone here. president obama walking a bit of a tight rope between supporting statehood or israel and the palestinians. >> make no mistake, those who adhere to the ideology of rejecting israel's right to exist, they might as well reject the earth beneath them or the sky above, because israel is not going anywhere. >>> just as israelis built a home state in their home lane, palestinians have a right to be free in their homeland. >>> today, he will meet to talk about the spillover. we will hear from both leaders later this morning. tracie potts, nbc news. >>> findings against two oakland county city council members could result in a misdemeanor and cost them their seat. the report claims council president, larry reads and descy brooks interfered with a $2 million construction track. courtney rubie says her audit proofs reed and brooks broke the law when they directed staff to push a $2 million demolition track at the oakland army base toward turner group construction. this report claims brook had violated the city charter 12 times, read one time and another by one of his s
generation, the sort of post civil rights generation is going to be the generation to do that. >> the joshua generation, josh. >> we could say josh. one of the things that was interesting. a light motif that's run throughout president obama's presidency has been the idea that at the heart the two sides really aren't separated by as much as we think we are. you saw him making that appeal, put yourself in the shoes of a young palestinian. that sort of thing. that was fairly effective for him in american politics. i saw his speech as trying to kind of spark that same kind of movement in the middle east. in hopes that he could overcome the sort of calcified political stalemate. >> and that's even happening. to the degree, the president doesn't have hope posters printed up and they're not distributed in the same way they were in 2008 or distributed at all. he still believes that his power lays with the people and so far as he's kept, jake, the campaign infrastructure alive, ofa continues. much to some people's chagrin, given the donor structure. but at the end of the day, that's where obama's pow
with the attack. ed henry is with the president. >>> ed, president obama is under a lot of pressure to take some military action in syria. >> that's right, including from some fellow democrats, who like carl levin, if not boots on the ground, at least a no-fly zone. senator levin and joining senator john mccain there could be surgical astrikes. the president acknowledged emotionally and frankly that it eats at him, the fact he is struggling with the decision about what to do when, as he put it so many women and children are being slate erred. he also said when it comes to u.s. military intervention, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. >> you question may be suggestings why haven't we simply gone in militarily. and i think it's fair to say that the united states often finds itself in a situation where, if it goes going n militarily. it's cries size it. and if it doesn't do something militarily, people say what why aren't you doing something militarily? >> the president brokered a phone call between the israeli prime minister and the turkish prime minister to patch things up. turkey is a
. we recognize israel's right to defend itself, and that it is right for america to stand with you. >> benjamin netanyahu did everything he could to pretend that the romney position on iran was somehow tougher than the obama position on iran. the romney speech was pure pandering from start to finish, which means that it, of course, did not include the words "palestine" or "palestinian." so what happened today? when the man who benjamin netanyahu did not want to be president spoke to an audience of 2,000 carefully screened by netanyahu's government, composed largely of students? well, of course, first he was heckled. in hebrew. which makes him the first president in history to have to handle a hebrew heckler. then came the first standing ovation. >> i believe that you will shape our future, and given the ties between our countries -- i believe your future is bound to ours. [ heckling ] >> no, no. this is part of the lively debate that we talked about. this is good. i have to say, we actually arranged for that, because it made me feel at home. you know, i -- i wouldn't feel comfortab
at repeal by house republicans. the law was upheld by the supreme court, president obama was even re-elected. some republican governors are planning for the expansion. what is she talking about? >>> up next, marco rubio and rand paul, who has the juice on the right wing? this will be fun for people on the left. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. >>> now to the battle to 2016 already under way. on the republican side being fought between two relative newcomers. florida as marco rubio and kentucky's rand paul. "new york times" reported just today, for better or words they have come to represent this moment's forth in the republican road. mr. rubio, who decided the republican establishment in 2010 with his brash primary challenge to governor charlie crist's senate run looks like the establishment's man for now. mr. paul, as he try toss expand his appeal beyond the libertarian base of his father, ron paul, has become the face of radically smaller government. both rubio and paul came to washington with solid tea party credentials, but represent very different wings. one o
. >> a lot happening there. >> love to see that. >> 6:15 right now. time for a quick check of the day's other top stories. president obama visits jordan today on a tour of the middle east. he will meet with king abdullah to talk about the spillover effect of serious war aand the 350,000 refugees there. >>> marines dead after a shooting at quantico marine base. one marine shot two others and killed himself early this morning. unclear as to what caused the shooting >>> south korea will continue sending aid to the north despite rising tensions. they will ship about $50,000 worth of aid to tuberculosis clinics. >>> we can tell you apple now getting greener. the company releasing its annual environmental progress report just this week. it reports its corporate facilities worldwide get 75% of their power from renewable energy sources. just two years ago, that number was merely 35%. environmental group for apple's improvement. >> you like to play games. zynga breaking away from facebook. they relaunched their own website on thursday allowing users to access games without having to logon to facebook.
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